We work with a select number of clients at any time in order to provide each client with a personal consulting relationship. This page provides a glimpse at the type of work we are engaged in but, due to confidentiality agreements, is not an exhaustive list.

Compensation Studies

There are few topics as potentially touchy as compensation. Not only what is paid to employees but also all those fringe benefits are what keeps employees happy - and retaining employees saves organizations large amounts of money each year. Conducting a study includes interviewing key staff capturing their opinions and feelings while comparing current written job descriptions with actual work performed. Recommendations are made based on information gained from the interviews and industry standards.

Organizational Planning

What should a non-profit consider when it desires to grow exponentially? This question is one we have worked with a number of clients to successfully resolve. Work typically includes an assessment and report concerning marketing, fundraising, tax implications and internal development needs. Complex growth requires an informed leadership team and that is our goal.

Fiscal Analysis & Models

There are few things as potentially misleading or confusing as a page filled with numbers. We have helped clients transform the jumble of digits into a management tool that helps demystify the past and plan for the future. The creation of fiscal models helps decision makers create and manage short and long-term strategies based on any number of changing factors.

Business Plans

A business plan is both a long-term vision and a day-to-day management tool that is critical for both for-profits and non-profits. New organizations use the business plan creation process to fully develop the business concept while existing organization are able to take stock of their current strengths and weaknesses. Some of the topics we have worked with include Passenger Ferries, Agricultural Land Use, Foster Care, Public Parks in addition to others.

Technology Planning & Implementation

Where some see a birds nest of wires and one error message after another we see the potential for an organization to improve efficiency and save money. Through a careful examination of your current situation and your vision for the future we craft easily understood stable solutions that make sense. It is easy to spend a fortune in technology -- we don't think you need to.

Professional Development

We are working with several community partners to deliver inexpensive quality training surrounding the Microsoft Office Suite of products and various other workplace topics. Courses are tailored to the participant's needs and current skills levels.

Fund Development Workshops

These wokshops are specifically designed to provide an organization with the necessary foundation to carry a coordinated message and strategy, or strategies, into the donor community. These fundraising fundamentals arm an organizationís key players with an appropriate process that will greatly increase both the efficiency and effectiveness of fundraising efforts.

Funding Partner Research

We have been engaged by several clients to conduct research to locate potential funding partners for regional and national organizations. Research culminates in the creation of a long-term resource that will assist each organization for several years.