What We Do

If you are looking to be better - to move to the next level - however you define it - we do that.

There is more to running a business than making a sale or creating a product. Business owners are faced with tough decisions daily and often find themselves wishing for answers that do not come the hard way. Is your business as profitable as it could be? Does your competitor make more? Does an expansion make financial sense? How else can I market myself?

Managers in non-profits and government agencies are asked to do more than they ever have before. In addition to running a small business, often on what feels like a shoe string, today's leaders in these sectors worry about how to identify and attract collaborative partners while non-profit executives must additionally worry about fundraising.

The questions are endless but fortunately we are able to provide guidance and resources to help you. We specialize in creating holistic strategies that support both the mission and long-term organizational goals while providing support and training opportunities. By focusing on the entire organization from a mission perspective we are able to create strategies that increase synergy, promote efficiency and provide long-term effectiveness.

Operations Support

  • Leadership Coaching
  • Strategic Planning Facilitation
  • Retreat/Meeting Facilitation
  • Team Building/Development
  • Change management
  • Executive Coaching

Analysis and Organizational Review

  • Business plan creation or update
  • Risk management planning
  • Organizational Restructuring
  • Impact/Outcomes Assessment
  • Process Improvement Facilitation
  • Infrastructure assessment and management
  • Organizational infrastructure growth assessment and management


  • Brand and identity creation, assessment and management
  • Marketing assessment/planning
  • Creation of targeted media lists
  • Media relations training and support
  • Identification and capture of qualified external marketing lists

Budget and Finance

  • Financial analysis, modeling and comparison
  • 501(c)3 tax planning, assessment, models and board development


  • Case statement preparation
  • High-level prominent volunteer identification and recruitment
  • Fundraising prospect identification and research
  • Fund development workshops for staff, volunteers and board members
  • Proposal Development
  • Strategic relationship development
  • Strategic fundraising
  • Fundraising operations
  • 501c3 assessment, training and development

Training and Support

  • Microsoft Office Suite of software
  • Computer hardware
  • Network infrastructure
  • Effective utilization of internet tools and resources